Understanding the Risks of Ride-Hailing Services

By Carol Sanger

The Risks of Ride-Hailing Services & Boston Chauffeur’s Ride Responsibly Pledge to You

There have been 12 serious criminalincidents in Massachusetts against ride-hailing drivers working for companies such as Uber and Lyft? As a result of these incidents, and many others that have occurred throughout the United States, Ride Responsibly™ has developed guidelines for all ground transportation companies to ensure passenger safety. If you have been a passenger in an Uber and have been involved in a car accident, then you may be able to make a claim. To be able to do this, you must get in contact with an Uber accident lawyer in your area as soon as possible. The worry with ride-hailing services is that they may not have safety precautions in their taxis, whereas a company managed fleet has a stronger chance of having one and being a DOT compliance (Department of Transportation) service, which companies like Lytx offers.

What Is Ride Responsibly™?

The Ride Responsibly™ campaign is the National Limousine Association’s initiative to bridge an industry-wide gap between the rights of passengers and the responsibilities of service providers.

Ride Responsibly™ has established the best safety practices for prearranged car services (Boston Chauffeur) and transportation network companies (TNCs), which include ride-hailing application car services, such as Lyft, Sidecar, Uber and Whisk. The program focuses on educating the industry and the public about regulations, legislation and best industry practices.

The goal is to empower and inform the public at-large as well as provide drivers and operators with the necessary tools to Ride Responsibly™.

Why Ride Responsibly™ Is Important to Your Safety

Ride Responsibly™ statistics prove that ride-hailing services are a real concern to many passengers:

  • 83% of Americans believe that ride-hailing app drivers should have to pass regular drug testing.
  • 91% of Americans believe ride-hailing app drivers should have the appropriate commercial license as well as vehicle liability insurance. Regardless of the situation, all drivers should decide to compare uber insurance to help them get the right amount of coverage so that Americans can feel more comfortable with getting into a car with them.
  • 83% of Americans believe ride-hailing app drivers should have to undergo criminal background checks.

Reported Ride Sharing Incidents in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Ride-Hailing Criminal Reports
“Due to the perilously incomprehensive background checks used by ride-hailing apps, we must establish a new nationwide standard, inclusive of fingerprinting for all ground transportation providers. – Ride Responsibly™

You can read all currently available assault incidents by state at the Ride Responsibly website.

Understanding The Risks of Ride Sharing

The Think Before You App® public service announcement video informs passengers about the hazards of what is now called Digital Hitchhiking.

Boston Chauffeur’s Commitment To Your Safety

All ground transportation services and drivers whose vehicles include but are not limited to sedans, SUVs, vans, mini-coaches or buses should adapt to the Ride Responsibly™ practices.

At Boston Chauffeur, your safety is our first priority. Therefore, we strictly adhere to all guidelines to meet and exceed each standard put forth by the Ride Responsibly initiative:

  • We conduct extensive pre-hire background checks and zero-tolerance drug testing for all drivers.
  • All drivers must be licensed and trained.
  • Our late model vehicles are properly licensed, consistently maintained, and commercially insured.
  • Proof of licensing and certifications is available.
  • In addition to pre-hire checks and tests, our drivers are fully trained, obey the laws of the road, and are safe and courteous.
  • Our dispatchers track each vehicle and trip.
  • We ensure our service exceeds expectations each time and are available to address concerns 24/7.

How To Ensure Your Safety As A Passenger

Do your research, know your rights, and make the right call when it comes to your safety. Think Before You App®.

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