The Most Ridiculously Terrifying Extreme Haunted Houses and Attractions

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The Ranker has published The 11 Most Ridiculously Terrifying Extreme Haunted Houses and Attractions

    As the month of all things spooky dawns upon us you might be considering pulling out the fake bats and possibly the peel and stick wallpaper that could potentially be Halloween-themed. You also may be plotting out where to place some carved pumpkins on your porch. You might also be looking for some haunted houses to visit for some inspiration, or simply for some spooky fun to get you in the Halloween mood! Below are some of the most terrifying recommendations:

  1. McKamey Manor – 12 Stephenson Rd, Summertown, TN – One of the most haunted attractions in America in result the main location was forcfully shut own in San Diego but reopened in Tennessee. It’s so freakin scary that you have to sign a waiver. What makes it so extreme? The haunt lasts as long as eight hours, and guests go in two at a time. You may be bound, slapped, manhandled, covered in blood, made to vomit, forced to eat cockroaches, and undergo simulated drowning. One woman claimed going through the experienced traumatized her, saying she seriously thought she was going to die.
  2. Victim Experience – Las Vegas – As the name suggests, you are the victim of several sadistic tormentors. Must be warned you will experience full physical contact,Electrical use, Drowning, suffocation being bound, gagged, hit, dunked in ice water, stunned and other death-like scenarios. There’s also purportedly unspecified “dildo use.”
  3. Blackout – New York City – considered by many the first extreme haunt, launched in New York in 2006, and has expanded to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Participants have been waterboarded, asked to suck on bloody tampons, rubbed against by pervy weirdos, forced to walk barefoot over used condoms, and suffocated with plastic. However, some people who are interested in haunted houses might find such extreme activities disconcerting. For those who prefer less violent and more subtle activities, there are many other fun things to do for Halloween in LA and elsewhere that might be just as fascinating as these haunted houses.
  4. Scarehouse: The Basement – 7370 Baker Street, Pittsburgh, PA – you will be touched, bound, blindfolded, “tormented, challenged and scared out of your mind. electronic shocks, profanity, total darkness, and sexual content, which seems to be a running theme here. Participants must be at least 18, and have to sign a waiver. You may choose to enter in pairs or by yourself if you dare.
  5. Heretic House -5216 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR – Explore themes such as claustrophobia, sleep paralysis, or the intrinsic horror of being alone in a cabin in the woods. Guests are bound, grabbed, roughly moved about, covered in faked blood, lightly clawed, suffocated, nailed into coffins, and may have their clothes shredded, among other horrors.
  6. The Asylum’s Hellth Clinic – Hampton Roads, VA – you must be at least 18, and you can only enter in groups of two. If you choose the extreme experience, you’ll get to see what it was like to be a patient at this horrifying place.
  7. Stag – 805 N Hamilton, Saginaw, MI – Guests are not allowed to speak, with the exception of the safe word, should you need it. Details are intentionally murky, but it’s described as Legends of the Hidden Temple combined with an extreme haunt. Those who have experienced trauma or who “have an extreme personal bubble” should stay away.
  8. Terror Behind the Walls – 2027 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA – Terror Behind the Walls takes place at the Eastern State Penitentiary, a very creepy setting. you have a choice: a traditional experience, in which actors aren’t allowed to touch you, or one in which you allow yourself to be touched, grabbed, separated from your group, or shown hidden parts of the haunt. you may be thrown into a haunted prison cell or forced onto an operating table.
  9. Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres – 13861 Broad St SW, Pataskala, OH – demons spouting flames, half-naked women bound and gagged on the floor, blood-drenched rednecks wielding machetes and power tools. It’s like Gathering of the Juggalos as a haunt. You’re liable to get nabbed out of nowhere, thrown over someone’s shoulder, and confronted with one of what appear to be many chainsaw-wielding psychopaths at the Midwest’s premier extreme haunt.
  10. Miasma – Chicago IL (the exact address is given to our guests 24 hours before they arrive) – Guests are warned that subject matter may be violent and sexual, and you may be bound, forced to crawl, and placed in pitch darkness. You must enter alone, cannot wear glasses, and should expect to experience exposure to liquids and gels and “demanding physical and psychological moments.” Sounds kind of like a full contact shower.
  11. The Basement – 12909 Foothill Blvd, Sylmar, CA – The Basement prides itself on being the scariest escape room around. The story is, you’ve been kidnapped by cannibal serial killer Edward Tandy, who imprisons you in his basement. For those that like their escape rooms with an added terrifying twist, the Paranoia Quest escape room atlanta has some similarly themed rooms based around zombies that are sure to thrill and scare all who enter, but who may not come out!

It’s the month of October and Halloween is near so you know what that means, get scared out of your mind and check out these extreme haunted houses and attractions in America.

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source: The Ranker author: Juliet Bennett Rylah

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