The Best Apps to Kill Time at the Airport

By Boston Chauffeur

Have you ever been bored at the airport waiting hours on end for your flight to arrive, constantly checking the time on your phone? Well then, perhaps these eight best-rated smartphone apps may help you fight the boredom and kill time while waiting at the airport. These apps are quite popular now, but have you ever thought how they got so popular so fast? A good idea behind an app is always central but so are the strategies required to reaching a wider audience effectively through some form of digital marketing. Alongside, expertise of mobile marketing platforms can be used to help monetize said apps. This is where offerwall monetization techniques can be learnt from the top mobile marketing firms like AdAction. So, if you too want to increase the user base of your app, you can take assistance of above-mentioned mobile marketing platforms.
That said, here is a look at some nifty apps that could help with your boredom, should you be stuck at the airport waiting for your flight to arrive.

  1. Procreate Pocket – Voted the best app of the year by Apple, Procreate Pocket gives you access to professional tools to create magnificent images on the road. According to its Apple Store preview, the app is the most powerful sketching, painting and illustration app ever designed for the iPhone. You can choose between more than 130 paintbrushes and once your masterpiece is complete, you can share a time-lapse of your creative journey on your favorite social networks.
  2. Fabulous Motivate Me – This self-care app allows you to set personal goals, integrate fitness programs, and build healthy habits to help transform your life. Whether your goal is to improve the quality of your sleep, become more focused at work, or amp up your fitness regime, the app takes a holistic approach to motivate and create rituals you can stick to. For instance, you can set some fitness goals for the future. Let’s say that you want to try this EAA powder every morning, you can set a notification that can remind you to consume the supplement. Or if you want to jog a mile or two every day, the app can help in tracking the distance. Besides these, you can also track your daily water consumption habits and improve accordingly.
  3. Donut County – This app combines beautiful illustrations with physics to create a unique story-based game where you play as an ever-growing hole in the ground controlled by a raccoon. Voted iPhone Game of the Year, Donut County is not only addictive gameplay, but it is also packed with humor and is the perfect option if you have time to spare. If it doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, there are other gaming websites that are also thrilling! If you want a game that involves risks and money, you can visit website here.
  4. PUBG – Short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (My personal favorite), this app is the original Battle Royale game where you have to scavenge for your own weapons, vehicles, and supplies after being parachuted onto the game island. Played either solo, with another, or in a squad, this game rates highly both on Apple and Android devices. For better gaming experience, you could always adjust your mouse or screen sensitivity. While you could do these adjustments manually, there are sites online, like Aiming.Pro, that provide such services. If you are aim training at Aiming.Pro then you might as well check out their excellent mouse sensitivity convertor at the same time.
  5. Drops – Taking out top Android app for 2018 is Drops, which allows you to learn 31 new languages and dialects and is perfect for those who find themselves country-hopping constantly. The app uses images instead of words to connect meaning to whichever language you are learning and with five-minute limits, there is no risk of feeling overloaded with information. In addition to languages, you can also learn the different dialects, from Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese to Spanish and Latin-American Spanish.
  6. VIMAGE – Voted by Google as one of this year’s most entertaining apps, VIMAGE allows you to add motion and movement to your images to create a unique piece of art. With more than 70 built-in effects stored in the app, which can be manipulated to suit your photo, the sky’s the limit with what you can create.
  7. Musixmatch – Do you sometimes sing along to a favorite song but realize you don’t know all the lyrics? Musixmatch, rated as one of the most entertaining apps for Android in 2018, is here to help. Simply play your favorite song from your preferred streaming service and Musixmatch will provide you with the lyrics. Think of it as your own, private karaoke session.
  8. Unfold – Voted as a “hidden gem” on Google’s top app lists, Unfold gives you the tools to create posts and videos from more than 60 minimalist template designs. Using the app’s toolkit, you can piece together images and videos from your last trip to tell a story and share it with your friends and loved ones.

WiFi Users Beware

There are risks when connecting to public WiFi networks at the airport and in other public locations. Ensure that your phone and other devices are as protected by following the six WiFi safety tips.

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