The 10 Safest Countries for U.S. Travelers

According to a survey of 2,000 consumer travelers, 1o0 countries have been listed as the safest for U.S. travelers. Included with country safety scores, the list compiled below is based on local crime rates, terror threats, social welfare, and the State Department’s safety rating. A “Global Peace Index” designated is also included for each country. Where ever you may be travelling to, it is always of upmost importance to invest and use a hotel safe to keep your valuables as secure as you can, do not let your guard down, no matter how safe you may feel in another country.

For each destination, the survey results assign a ‘Safest Places score’ derived from the respondents – and the rankings also include a “Global Peace Index” rating created by the Institute for Economics and Peace that combines factors like crime, incarceration rates, militarization, social welfare.

  1. Ireland – Ireland was given a Safest Places respondent score of 3.11, and it ranks high in the Global Peace Index. It’s low on terrorism, political violence, and militarization. The State Department gives it a level one (the safest) advisory level. Where to stay: The Clontarf Castle Hotel is highly ranked for a reason: for an affordable price, visitors get to stay in a castle just 10 minutes from the heart of Dublin.
  2. Australia – Australia closely follows Ireland with a score of 3.05 and enjoys very low rates of violent crime, political instability, and militarization, which is reflected in a good Global Peace Index. The State Department says it’s also at level one. Where to stay: Melbourne’s famous Victorian hotel, The Hotel Windsor, is an elegant choice in the center of the city.
  3. Iceland– Iceland enjoys a top Global Peace Index Rating of 2.93 as a result of very high marks for safety, social support, and political stability. One of the main problems you’ll face in Iceland is over-tourism. The State Department gives Iceland a level one advisory level.
    Where to stay: Visitors love the small town feel of the Frost and Fire Hotel in Hveragerdi. Its private and cozy accommodations make you feel right at home. Travelling within Iceland can be a little tricky but with the likes of the various rental cars Iceland has to offer, traveling from point A to B is made a little easier.
  4. Switzerland – Switzerland’s Global Peace Index score of 2.87 is due to very low crime rates, low terrorism, and exceptional political stability. The State Department says it’s at level one. The main risk is to your travel budget – Switzerland is rated as the most expensive country in the world to visit. Where to stay: Hotel des Balances is one of Lucerne’s most popular waterfront hotels. Enjoy stunning views and a comforting ambiance for an affordable price. Also, hotel metropole in geneva is also a goregous hotel to go to.
  5. Scandinavia – Scandinavia includes the countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. They all enjoy a good Global Peace Index based on low crime rates, high levels of political stability, and low levels of political violence. As with Switzerland, the main warning is the need to “take lots of money.” The State Department puts Denmark at level two, largely because of social tensions due to immigration and a slightly elevated risk of potential terrorism; the other three are level one. Scandinavia’s Safest Places score of2.83 narrowly follows Switzerland’s score. Where to stay: In Denmark, Copenhagen Island features waterfront views and modern amenities in the bustling neighborhood of Vesterbro. If you’re looking to stay in Copenhagen, you can look around and try and find the best Copenhagen hotel and see where suits you.
  6. Virgin Islands (U.S. and British) – Right behind Scandinavia with a 2.82 are the Virgin Islands. Although neither area has a Global Peace Index, Berkshire Hathaway says both areas have good marks on safety and security. But this one might make you think twice about the U.S. Virgin Islands: high homicide rates have been reported in recent years. The British Virgin Islands are at level one, according to the State Department. Where to stay: Stay right on the beach at Turtle Bay Resort in the British Virgin Islands.
  7. Italy – Italy’s Global Peace Index is based on low homicide rates and political terror, although petty crime in tourist areas is moderate. The Safest Places score for Italy is in line with the aforementioned United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands at 2.82. The State Department puts Italy at level two, largely because of social tensions due to a slightly elevated risk of potential terrorism. Where to stay: Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori in Rome is designed to replicate antique structures from the Roma Baroque period. Guests enjoy luxury amenities and historic charm for an affordable price.
  8. The ‘Benelux’ Countries – As with Scandinavia, you get multiple countries in one trip: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The good Global Peace Index ratings for the Netherlands and Belgium are based on low rates of homicide and violent crime, high levels of political stability, and low rates of terrorism and political violence, although petty theft can be a concern in major cities. The State Department puts Belgium and the Netherlands at level two, mostly because of social tensions due to a slightly elevated risk of potential terrorism. The State Department considers Luxembourg too small to for a rating level. The Safest Places score for all three is 2.72. Where to stay: Brussels’ FunKey Hotel is as fun as it sounds. With colorful decor and board game-themed rooms, visitors will never be bored.
  9. The United Kingdom – Also ranking at 2.72, the United Kingdom has a good Global Peace Index on the basis of low violent crime, high political stability, and low political violence. It’s criticized a bit because of a high level of militarization and terrorism threats. That’s also why the State Department assigns it to level two score. Where to stay: At Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London travelers get postcard-worthy views and great amenities. The hotel is situated just minutes from Big Ben and the London Eye.
  10. The Bahamas – An outlier, the Bahamas has a Safest Places score of 3.05 but doesn’t have a rating on the Global Peace Index-although the country has certainly been peaceful for decades. The high ranking by Berkshire Hathaway seems to be offset by level two State Department rating due to crime. The Bahamas are generally safe for most tourists doing most things in most places, although a small number of areas in the Bahamas require additional vigilance. Check out the State Department’s travel advisory on the Bahamas. Where to stay: Stay in a pastel-colored villa at Nassau’s Sandyport Beach Resort. Don’t forget to snap photos of the resort’s historic Georgian Colonial architecture.

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Source: Smarter Travel Author: Ed Perkins, and Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

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