Patriots, Gillette Stadium Ready to Welcome Back Fans!

By Boston Chauffeur

When the New England Patriots kick off their 2019 season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Sept. 7, Pats fans will experience some new things at Gillette Stadium that will be welcome and unwelcome.

Patriots 2019 Field (Courtesy photo,

(Courtesy photo,

For starters, 42-year-old Quarterback Tom Brady, the ageless wonder, looks as strong and determined as ever to add to this record-setting six Super Bowl Lombardi trophies. Joining him on the sidelines for this 20th season is Head Coach Bill Belichick. Brady and Belichick, Belichick and Brady – the two off them are synonymous with the Patriots’ amazing success. As long as they are in the fold, the Patriots will continue to be odds on favorites to make it back to the Super Bowl and win another Super Bowl title. For those who are planning on placing their bets that Tom Brady will win that trophy for his team once again, they may want to check out an online sports betting tennessee website like or something similar, to get their picks in early so they can hopefully bring in the big bucks when it’s over.

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws the ball against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense during the NFL football kickoff game at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015, in Foxborough, Mass. (Ben Liebenberg via AP)

Most of the Patriots players from last year’s championship run are back with one big exception. Rob Gronkowski decided to retire from the NFL at age 29 after suffering from a myriad of injuries in the last few years of his storied career. Without Gronk, Brady and Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels will have to be more creative and distribute the offense to remaining receivers led by Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon.

Patriots 2019 (Courtesy photo,

(Courtesy photo,

The Pats’ defense will be the strength of the 2019 team thanks to the return of their most dominant players and the addition of a few key pieces including the return of linebacker Jamie Collins.

One of the biggest surprises coming out of the pre-season was the decision to cut veterans back-up QB Brian Hoyer and give that job to rookie QN Jarrett Stidham. As long as Brady doesn’t go down with an injury, Pats fans won’t have to worry about this scenario.

Patriots 2019 (Courtesy photo.

(Courtesy photo.

Meanwhile, life at Gillette Stadium will get better and healthier for Pats fans. In addition to the usual spate of hot dogs, sausages, beer, French fries, and large stadium signage boards, the Sun Chronicle reported that Patriots fans can enjoy healthy vegetarian are at the Market Street Deli in the form of salads, wraps, and fruit. Champions Brew Pub will offer a wider selection of craft beer and the Smokehouse Grill will serve up plenty of mouth-watering ribs, steak tips, and chicken wings. The Tailgate Grill located in the end zone areas of the concourse, will also get on the healthy food bandwagon with its own selection of salads, wraps and other low-calorie options. Apart from the Patriot flag flying high on the large flagpole atop the stadium, you will be greeted by the delicious array of delicacies awaiting your arrival to cheer on the team!

Patriots 2019 (Courtesy photo,

(Courtesy photo,

In an effort to reduce post-game traffic congestion on Route 1, the Patriots will continue a program they started last year. CBS Boston reported in August that Gillette Stadium will feature a delayed exit lot in Lot 55 that will allow fans to park for free. Cars won’t be allowed to leave the lot until 75 minutes after the game ends.

The cost to park in lots on the Gillette Stadium side of Route 1 will increase from $40 to $60 for games. Lots across the street from the stadium, however, will be reduced in cost from $40 to $30.

For those who wish to forego the hassle of navigating the traffic to and from Gillette Stadium on game day, Boston Chauffeur, the company you can trust, has plenty of luxury ground transportation options.

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