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There are few things that rival the discomfort and frustration of being trapped in a coach seat on a long flight. Those who fly in business class or first class cannot relate, but for the great majority of air travelers, finding new ways to achieve comfort in the economy class seats is a real problem.

The solution lies in making an air traveler’s head, neck and feet more comfortable without the benefits of having more room to stretch. In her article, writer Meg Johnson lays out several options that can make a difference.

travel pillow for airplane comfort

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Head and neck pillows may most sensible and direct option to address flight discomfort. The All in One Travel Pillow from Travelrest keeps your head from falling forward and is inflatable, so it rolls up nicely as to not take up a lot of room in your carry-on.

Take this concept a step further and you can go with a neck pillow from Trtl. It is scientifically proven to “provide the ergonomic support that you need to sleep comfortably” on long-haul flights.

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Another option is to go with a face down pillow. The forward position pillow from Cloudz will allow people to fall forward and pretend they are getting ready for a massage. It is inflatable and easy to transport.

The FaceCradle adjustable pillow gives you even more flexibility by allowing air travelers to go with whatever position they see fit. It can be used six different ways as a neck pillow, forward facing pillow or side pillow.

To achieve lumbar support consider an inflatable lumbar support pillow from AirComfy. If you need to add some extra padding for your bottom, Teton makes a portable, inflatable seat cushion.

Finally, let’s not forget about your feet. This foot hammock is a great way to make your feet more comfortable when space is at a premium. It easily attaches to the food tray. You may also wish to wear compression socks on your flight to help maintain good circulation when you are sitting up in the air for a long time – you can see more info here to learn about how these socks can be useful for those who struggle with their blood flow.

Zody leg sling for air travel comfort

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Whatever you decide, the good news is that years of frustrating and uncomfortable plane rides have inspired these and many other products to level the airline comfort playing field for all!


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