Boston Chauffeur is There for a Sweet Dog in Need and Her Owner

By Boston Chauffeur

Misty wasn’t feeling too well. Her owner said she couldn’t get up without whimpering in pain and her appetite was almost non-existent.

(Courtesy photo Rescue Disinfectants)

(Courtesy photo Rescue Disinfectants)

An older rescue dog from the Midwest, Misty, and her owner had battled a number of health challenges. But this one was different because her local veterinarian said she might be suffering from a form of pancreatic cancer. The vet had suggested getting products off a site like to help ease her suffering. Some studies have revealed that CBD oils can help relieve pain in dogs. Many dog parents, therefore, purchase such products. Some of the popular brands are known to be Vibes CBD, Blessed CBD, among others. That said, those interested can look for CBD oil for dogs on the web. However, to ensure that the dog’s health is not jeopardized by preexisting conditions, pet owners should consult a vet before choosing a CBD product.

Anyway, let us come back to the topic of Misty. Compounding matters for Misty’s owner is that she didn’t feel well enough to drive Misty to the Massachusetts Society for the Protection of Animal – Angell clinic located in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood to get the screening and ultrasound that was needed. In times like these, it just shows how important vets are, not being able to get to them can be extremely worrying for the owner. Investing in ultrasound equipment that can be found at can help support owners and their pets in getting the help they need, we are just lucky that we could help her in her time of need.

It was then that she picked up the phone and called Boston Chauffeur to see if they could give her and Misty a ride to and from the MSPCA clinic. The dispatcher on the other end of the phone immediately allayed her concerns when he told her that we frequently give rides to owners and their pets. Suddenly, a transportation problem to help Misty get the care she needed was solved.

Mercedes limo photo by Robert Cook Boston Chauffeur

(Photo by Robert Cook Boston Chauffeur)

The next morning, a Boston Chauffeur driver pulled up in front of Misty’s home in a 2019 Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan ready to help. The driver carefully laid blankets on the back seat along with Misty’s dog blanket so that she and her owner would be comfortable. Two bottles of spring water and a fully charged power pack were also at the ready.

During the trip to Boston on Route 128 and I-93, Misty’s owner told the driver about the challenges she had faced to care for her beloved dog who she had adopted seven years earlier. Many people who adopt older dogs may face commom issues, such as bad habits that need retraining. In such cases, it would be wise to hire a pet instructor who could help the dog fix his/her behavior problems. With some research online, one can easily find an instructor for their pooch. For instance, those living in Brighton can search on Google for ‘Dog Trainer In Brighton‘ in order to find a suitable pet coach in their area.

Coming back to the main topic, the driver offered Misty’s owner a sympathetic ear, words of encouragement and told her how pleased he was that he was asked to give them a ride. As a fellow dog owner, he understood the bond of friendship and love between humans and their animals. An hour later, Misty and her owner arrived at the MSPCA clinic. The Boston Chauffeur driver reassured Misty’s owner he would be waiting for them when they were ready to go home and would watch for her text all the while praying and hoping they would get good news.

When the driver greeted Misty and her owner, the news was very positive. The screenings revealed that Misty did not have any signs of pancreatic cancer and that she would feel better with continued rest. The driver made sure that dog and owner were transported safely home. He then helped Misty’s owner fold the blankets and brought them into their home. Misty’s owner was relieved that she would continue to have her sweet canine friend. She was also pleased that she could count on such a caring luxury car service when she needed it most.


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