3 Haunted Places to See in Salem Massachusetts

By Boston Chauffeur

Hauntings don’t end at Halloween? You can experience haunted sites of Salem, MA, all year round when you visit these three haunted places featured in Essex Apartments’ blog.

  1. The Witch House – 310 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970 -The Witch House, or the Corwin House, was the home to Judge Jonathan Corwin, a lead figure in the Salem Witch Trials. It is the only structure in Salem still standing that has direct ties to the witch trials. Judge Corwin was responsible for originally leading the charge of witchcraft in Salem and many say that his high involvement in the witch trials caused him to be haunted by those he sentenced to execution. Visitors to the house have reported cold spots, ghost sightings, and some have even claimed to be touched!
  2. The Old Burying Point Cemetery Charter St, Salem, MA 01970 – this graveyard is home to many key figures responsible for the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. One of the people laid to rest in this cemetery is Judge Hathorne or “The Hanging Judge.” Many visitors have reported Judge Hathorne appearing on their film after a night spent photographing different graves.
  3. Hawthorne Hotel – 18 Washington Square W, Salem, MA 01970 – Built on an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop, the first lady executed for witchcraft in the 1692 witch trials, Hawthorne Hotel is known to be one of the most actively haunted places in Salem. Many visitors to the hotel have claimed to smell apples throughout the hotel, even though apples are not on the menu. Guests have also reported seeing a female apparition walking up and down the halls pausing at certain doors.

Ready to hunt for ghosts and maybe even get spooked? Check out these great haunted places in Salem Massachusetts during your visit to Salem.

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Source: Essex Apartments

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