11 Best Chinese Eateries in Boston

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Timeout has published an article of the 11 best Chinese eateries in Boston.

  1. Golden Temple  1651 Beacon St, Brookline – By day, it’s a serene temple to freshly prepared American-Chinese cuisine with an award-winning wine list; on weekend nights, a DJ spins Top 40 hits in the E Room bar. Take your time perusing the extensive menu—the owners pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients and hormone-free meat for specialties such as Golden Temple ribs and crispy orange beef. 
  2. Changsho – 1712 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge –  Asian art, sleek banquettes and a prominently positioned full bar dispensing exotic cocktails in retro tiki glasses give Changsho’s contemporary dining room an upscale feel. The impression is reinforced by highly professional service—the affable waitstaff will guide you through the menu of Hunan and Szechuan specialties. Popular options include delicate steamed edamame dumplings, sumptuous lobster with ginger scallions, and northern Chinese classics like Kung Pao chicken.
  3. Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe –  86 Bedford St, Boston – Office workers and hoodie-clad students pack this 20-seat, cash-only noodle house to tuck into steaming bowls of spicy soup and orders of hand-pulled flour noodles (smacked into shape on the premises). Carnivores have plenty of choices, such as the stellar cumin-lamb noodles and the namesake pork or beef flatbread sandwiches, a staple food in the owner’s Western Chinese region of Xi’an. Due to the limited space and scruffy environs, most customers take their orders to go.
  4. Gourmet Dumpling House – 52 Beach St, Boston – Some of the city’s most famous chefs swear by this bare-bones, 24-seat Chinatown eatery for its inexpensive, handmade dumplings. Steamed or pan-fried, the doughy purses come in numerous options; fillings include chicken, cabbage, pork, fish, and shrimp.
  5. Mu Lan  228 Broadway Cambridge –  freshly prepared, authentic Taiwanese (and Chinese) eats served in a relaxed, contemporary setting (slate floor, dark, Asian-style woodwork). An attentive staffstartst you off with complimentary pickled veggies and hot tea. Progress to handmade dumplings and stellar savories such as cuttlefish with scallion and ginger, and stir-fried Chinese watercress with minced garlic.
  6. Peach Farm –  4 Tyler St, Boston – If the name conjures up bucolic landscapes, Peach Farm’s dowdy basement digs promptly erase them. Happily, the Hong Kong-style seafood soon makes amends. Spiced dry-fried eel, enormous steamed oysters in black bean sauce, and lobster stir-fried with ginger and scallions are all superlative.
  7. New Shanghai – New Shanghai offers dim sum–style dining. The dumplings (steamed or fried) and buns are among the area’s best, while an array of cold appetizers—pickled, salted and smoked—beckons the bold of palate. Other intriguing options include giant-sized lion’s head meatballs (juicy ground pork in a fine gravy) and sweet-and-spicy garlic pork, served in spongy rice-flour “pockets.
  8. House of Chang  282 Concord Ave, Cambridge – A menu that spans Szechuan, Taiwanese and Mandarin fare, everything is cooked fresh to order. This translates to noticeably fresher, lighter flavors, as represented by the Taiwanese spicy mushroom salad and the fiery volcano chicken, which is marinated, fried, and then stir-fried with five spices to create a succulent dish.
  9. Taiwan Café – 4 Oxford St, Boston – With more than 100 items, the sprawling menu incorporates something for everyone, especially those with an adventurous palate. (Lily buds, duck tongues, and pork intestines make multiple appearances.) Curious types interested in trying Taiwanese-style dishes -including soups, noodles, dumplings, and meats are well served.
  10. Myers + Chang – 1145 Washington St, Boston – This hip South End gem serves an assortment of Asian cuisines and is one of the city’s most popular options for stylish weekend dim sum service. Menu highlights include myriad Chinese options: fall-off-the-bone tea-smoked spare ribs, braised pork belly buns, and spicy lamb biang biang noodles.
  11. Qingdao Garden 2382 Mass Ave, Cambridge – White walls, utilitarian floor tiles and sparse decor create a somewhat stark setting, but who cares? This cheap-eats fixture in North Cambridge is known for its dumplings (pan-fried or steamed) and vast menu, which includes specialties like Szechuan-style fish with black bean sauce and cumin-spiced lamb.

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Source: Timeout Author: Eric Grossman and Time Out contributors

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