10 Ultralight Rolling Carry-on Bags Under 5lbs

By Boston Chauffeur

Maneuvering heavy or multiple bags when traveling can be a bit unwieldy. Here are 10 ultralight rolling carry-on bags under 5lbs that will make getting through airports and loading bags in overhead bins a whole lot easier.

  1. IT Luggage World’s Lightest (2 Wheel) – The 21.8-inch IT Luggage World’s Lightest two-wheel suitcase weighs in at 3.43 pounds. An even smaller 19-inch carry-on is only 4.8 pounds.
  2. Lucas Vortex Lite Expandable (Ultra Lightweight Spinner) –  According to multiple sellers, the 20-inch Lucas Expandable Ultra-Lightweight Spinner is 5.5 pounds. The bag manages to squeeze in features such as zippered expansion, four spinner wheels, and plenty of pockets without adding a lot of weight to the design.
  3. Aerolite Carry-on MAX Lightweight – The 22-inch Aerolite Carry-On MAX Lightweight weighs 4.62 pounds. Aerolite’s lightweight carry-on has roomy interior pockets and stretch material so you can fit in just a bit more. It’s by far the most feminine bag, with subtle patterns throughout.
  4. Hartmann 7R Global Carry-on Spinner – The 22-inch Hartmann 7R Global Carry-on Spinner weighs 3.9 pounds. This super-lightweight carry-on earns its high price tag with details like shock-absorbing wheels, recessed leather carry handles, a carbon-fiber telescoping handle, and a water-resistant zipper.
  5. Samsonite Black Label Firelite 20″ Spinner – The Samsonite Black Label Firelite 20″ Spinner weighs 4.44 pounds. An appealing balance of form and function, the Firelite looks cool (and comes in great colors) and was designed for strength and handling.
  6. Travelpro Luggage Maxlite – The 22-inch Travelpro Luggage Maxlite is 5.4 pounds. In many cases, lightweight luggage comes at the expense of durability. Not so with the elegant, streamlined Luggage Maxlite, which was built to be lightweight and tough.
  7. Jetstream Lightweight Carry-On – The Jetstream Lightweight Carry-On suitcase is 4.4 pounds. It’s an affordable carry-on that manages to come in under the five-pound mark with extras like with spinner wheels and a padded handle.
  8. Delsey Chatillon 21″ Carry-on – The 21-inch Delsey Chatillon 21″ Carry-on weighs 4.7 pounds. A roomy interior with tie-down straps, spinner wheels, and a durable exterior make this a solid choice for the price.
  9. Lucas Ultra Light Weight Originals 20″ Spinner – The Lucas Ultra Light Weight Originals 20″ Spinner weighs 3.5 pounds features spinner wheels (four wheels that allow for 360-degree mobility), and the zippered mesh separators keep all your stuff from falling out when you open the suitcase.
  10. Eagle Creek Load Warrior – The rolling 20-inch EC Load Warrior bag weighs 4 pounds 9 ounces and you can strap equipment to the front. The bag also has compression straps, lockable zippers, and a bottle opener.

Boston Chauffeur


Source: Smarter Travel Author: Christine Sarkis

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