10 Cool Family Activities To Do In Boston

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  1. Museum of Science 1 Science Park, Boston – Walk into the Museum of Science and come face to face with a life-sized dinosaur. Explore the Museum of Science and encounter excitement from our past, present, and even a glimpse into our future. Make math fun in the popular math room. Experience the lightning show (complete with thunder). Enjoy the Planetarium or take a trip around the world in the Omni theater. Kids love the freedom to move in this spacious museum.
  2. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum 306 Congress Street, Boston – It was not just one night that led patriots to take matters into their own hands to begin a fight for freedom, it was the continued lack of freedoms and representation that brought about the Tea Party and started a revolution. At the Tea Party Ships and Museum, you can relive the catalyst to the American Revolution and see memorabilia from the time and event. The museum holds insight into America’s path to becoming a free country.
  3. New England Aquarium1 Central Wharf, Boston – Head to the New England Aquarium for marine-themed fun. Here you and your children will enjoy exploring the oceanic wonders that await at every turn. The 2013 renovation of the Giant Ocean Tank has made room for more ocean life to wow you. The addition of new exhibits, including the interactive learning nook of the Blue Planet Action Center make learning about the challenges facing the ocean fun. The shark and ray touch tank bring you up close and personal with the creatures you’re admiring. Be sure to check out one the daily shows where you can be thrilled by the antics of the sea lions and seals on display. If you bring your kids, then it is no doubt they will probably tell you how much they want to take some of these animals home, obviously, this is out of the question, but, there are ways that you can work around this with your own version of an aquarium at home, for example, you can get your own tank and fill it up with legal marine life, as long as you follow the regulations and use equipment like a gravel cleaner water changer as well as certified cleaning products, you’ll be good to go.
  4. Franklin Park Zoo 1 Franklin Park Road, Boston – You can spend the day roaming the grounds of the zoo and checking out the many species housed within. Kids will love the open space, and modern playground as much as they’ll enjoy seeing the animals who live there. Considered one of the best in the region, the Franklin Park Zoo’s 72-acres are packed with wildlife that has been in Boston’s historic Franklin Park for one hundred years. Along with their usual animal exhibits, the Zoo often holds special events, celebrations, and wildlife exhibits. Usually, the zoo exhibit design and themes are curated keeping their target audience – children – in mind, and are made to appeal to their senses and pique their curiosity. So, no doubt that your children (and possibly, you) will have a great time here.
  5. Boston Duck ToursPrudential Center, Boston – Get ready for a thrilling ride that’s sure to make a splash. Adults and children of all ages will love learning about Beantown from a knowledgeable “ConDUCKtor” who will spout off quacks between explanations of what you’re seeing. The tour covers historical sites of the city and then plunges into the Charles River for a unique view of Boston.
  6. Boston Harbor Islands National Recreational Area191w Atlantic Avenue, Boston – The Boston Harbor Islands are a unique part of the National Park system. Twelve ready to explore islands offer a variety of activities for an active island adventure such as checking out historic sites, spotting wildlife, taking a hike, getting in the water on a kayak or for a swim, sharing a picnic, doing some fishing, and even camping. Why not combine some of these activities and try Kayak Camping which is growing in popularity and a great way to experience the outdoors. The islands can easily be explored on your own, but to enhance your visit you may want to partake in one of the programs or tours offered on each. You could also charter a yacht from somewhere like OnBoat (for more info, check https://onboat.co/boston-yacht-charter/) and host a private party.
  7. Boston Children’s Museum 308 Congress Street, Boston – Exhibits focus on science, culture, environmental awareness, health & fitness, and the arts, and all encourage kids to interact. There are many amazing adventures at the Children’s Museum; kids can climb the centrally located maze, blow big bubbles in the dedicated bubble room, build something solid in the construction zone, and learn about culture.
  8. Boston Public Garden 4 Charles St, Boston – Take a leisurely stroll through the oldest botanical garden in the United States and get a feel for Boston’s charm and grace. 1877 marks the start of the Garden’s fame for the Swan Boats that float along the pond when the weather warms; a necessary ride for the kid in all of us. The Swan Boats do not get all the attention, as the grounds truly are a sight to hold. Pack a picnic and sprawl across the lawn to enjoy the beauty of this inner city treasure. Year round, the beauty of Public Garden shines and makes for excellent photo opportunities.
  9. Sacco’s Bowl Haven45 Day Street, Somerville – Sometimes you just want to bowl. For those times, head to Sacco’s Bowl Haven in Somerville. Sacco’s has a laid-back vibe that is welcoming to the most novice of bowlers, even the youngest. A candlepin alley, Sacco’s small ball sizes make bowling a bit easier for pint-sized participants. Sacco’s is housed within the walls of the Flatbread Company where you’ll find good flatbreads and craft beers.
  10. Blue Hills Reservation 695 Hillside Street, Milton – Where nature enthusiasts can hike, bike, ski, swim, and even enjoy a zoo experience at the Trailside Museum. Spanning over 7,000 acres along Boston’s closest suburbs, this is a true green oasis for city dwellers. Plan to spend a day exploring this area because you’ll want to wander for hours. Kids get a kick out of the animals at the museum and winter skiing is offered for those who want to take a few runs without going far from the city.

If you are looking to have fun with your family in the Boston area, these ten fun activities are perfect for families and friends to enjoy throughout the year.

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Source: 10 Best Author: Jessica Polizzotti

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