The Traveling Athlete Workout

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The Traveling Athlete Workout

If you have a fitness routine when at home and you worry about maintaining your fitness level while traveling, here is the first of three fitness routines than can help keep you fit and feeling healthy while away without going to a gym. This is what we call the athletes version. Leave the weights and extras at home, though — all you need is body weight to burn calories and get you going. If you’d like a different type of workout, check the “Circuit Training Cardio” routine or the Hotel Gym Alternative that we also call the “Hey! I’m On Vacation!” workout (no burpees).

Are you the type who can’t live without the workout and like to push limits no matter where you are, gym or no gym? This workout is for you.
  1. 100 Jumping jacks
  2. 15 Push ups
  3. 50 High Knees, each leg
  4. 15 Push Ups
  5. 1 Minute Scissor Run in place with swinging arms
  6. 15 Push ups
  7. 20 Burpees
  8. 15 Push ups
  9. 25 Skater leaps, each leg
  10. 15 push ups
  11. 50 Side to side ski hops, each side
  12. 25 Plyo lunge split jumps, each leg
  13. 5 Minute stretch

No special weights are required for this workout, and you don’t need a lot of room. Add your warm up, cool down, and stretch. And, of course, drink your water.

Enjoy your journey!

*As with any workout, this disclaimer goes with every exercise routine: See your doctor before trying this workout if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions. Modify the exercises and weight as needed and depending on your fitness level and goals. Boston Chauffeur does not claim to be fitness experts nor do we claim specific results; we share this article purely for information purposes only.

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