The Circuit Training Cardio Workout


The Circuit Training Cardio Workout

This is the second of three workouts to use while on the road, in the air or on the sea. Want something a little more strenuous? Try the “Traveling Athlete Workout.” Prefer something that works at burning calories but doesn’t take away from fun time? The “Hey! I’m On Vacation!” workout is a good alternative.
This cardio workout is great for those who want a quick alternative to the gym workout with just three exercises (and no burpees!). You won’t need the gym or any equipment, just your body weight.
Perform each of the following exercise for 30-60 seconds, one after the other with very little rest in between exercises (30 seconds works well). Repeat the circuit up to 3 times, depending on your time, fitness level and goals. 
  1. Jump Rope (without the rope)
    • Use same motion you would if you had a rope. Go as fast as you can. To increase the intensity, alternate jumping on one foot at a time , both feet, skipping, or any other foot pattern you like to use.
  2. Stair Jumps
    • squat down from a standing position and the explode into a jump while sweeping your arms out to the side and up and sending your legs out wide.
  3. Thigh Slap Jumps
    • Stand with your feet parallel and your hands out in front of you
    • Jump up bringing your knees up towards your chest and slapping them with your hands.
    • Go as quickly as you can while keeping control.
    • For a lower-impact alternative try a high-knee march (or jog) in place.
  • Bonus Airport Exercise Tip: You don’t have to wait until you get to your destination to get those steps. If you’ve got time before or between flights, pace around the terminal as much as possible. This requires that either you carry your gear, or leave it with a fellow traveling companion. Gear adds weight to you’ll increase the results of your pacing. Additionally, whether you opt to take the moving walkways or not, walk as briskly as possible while at the airport.

    Don’t forget the warm up, cool down, and stretch… and of course, your water.

    Happy travels!

    *As with any workout, this disclaimer goes with every exercise routine: See your doctor before trying this workout if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions. Modify the exercises and weight as needed and depending on your fitness level and goals. Boston Chauffeur does not claim to be fitness experts nor do we claim specific results; we share this article purely for information purposes only.